Friday, 23 April 2010

Hugs for Hugo

I just wanted to share this with you all. Today is the first time I've read any of Victor Hugo's poetry but won't be the last after falling in love with this beaut. It's better in the original French in my humble opinion, but here is the best translation I can find.

Tomorrow, when the meadows grow...

Tomorrow, when the meadows grow
Bright with the dawn, I'll leave. I know
That you'll be waiting for me. Through
Forest and Mountain-pass I'll go.
No longer can I keep from you.

I'll walk with eyes fixed on my heart,
Seeing nothing all around,
Hearing not the slightest sound,
Back curved, hands crossed, sad, unknown, apart;
And day will be
Like night to me.

I'll watch neither the fall of evening fraught
With gold, nor the far sails go down to port;
And when I've come,
There on your grave I'll set a wreath:
Fresh holly-sprays, and flowering heath.

Victor Hugo

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