Saturday, 31 October 2009

So I'm new to this whole blogging lark. I wasnt sure at first if it was pronounced "blog" or "b-log". buts thats because im clearly living in a time warp. In my world, it is also acceptable to say things like "gee whizz" and "golly!", but apparently such phrases aren't really used anymore. I don't really understand why... Maybe I just read too much Enid Blyton. And subsequently, maybe that's why I never had friends as a child. And maybe that's why my nickname became "trashy"... hmmm. Food for thought there. I hadn't counted on this being an oppurtunity for self reflection.

Anyway, this is my b-log. My name is Trashy. Well that's not actually my name as you probably guessed, it's more of an imposed nickname really. Not a very nice one at that. It's not really nice to compare somebody to garbage is it? But in this context it works so I'm cool with it. (Self-loathing over...for now). My name is Trashy and this is my junk yard. This is where I publish some things that have been whizzing around my head on any particular day. I hope you find my posts interesting. If you don't then...well... you may not have got this far so... you don't care. Don't bother taking anything I say too seriously either. I talk mainly shit.

Bye for now.

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