Saturday, 31 October 2009

10 things french drivers enjoy

1. Speeding. I guess this happens in most countries, but they do seem to take the biscuit here!

2. Sitting in your blind spot for ages on the autoroute.

3. Being in the wrong lane. To the extent that I don't think i've ever seen a french man in the appropriate lane for the direction he wishes to take

4. Going the wrong way up a one way street. And then shouting at you when you meet them in the middle, even though you are going the right way.

5. Flashing their lights at you for absolutely no reason.

6. Flapping their arms about and cursing if something annoys them.

7. Parking so close to your car that you can't actually get in/out of your own car

8. Trying to seduce you whilst in a traffic jam by pulling up in the lane alongside and offering smouldering glances. As if this would ever be successful.

9. Beeping the horn just because they can.

10. Striking. This isnt limited only to french drivers. Its more of a french people kind of thing. But according to the laws of logic, all french drivers are french people. So this still applies.

Je kieffe la vie francaise.
So I'm new to this whole blogging lark. I wasnt sure at first if it was pronounced "blog" or "b-log". buts thats because im clearly living in a time warp. In my world, it is also acceptable to say things like "gee whizz" and "golly!", but apparently such phrases aren't really used anymore. I don't really understand why... Maybe I just read too much Enid Blyton. And subsequently, maybe that's why I never had friends as a child. And maybe that's why my nickname became "trashy"... hmmm. Food for thought there. I hadn't counted on this being an oppurtunity for self reflection.

Anyway, this is my b-log. My name is Trashy. Well that's not actually my name as you probably guessed, it's more of an imposed nickname really. Not a very nice one at that. It's not really nice to compare somebody to garbage is it? But in this context it works so I'm cool with it. (Self-loathing over...for now). My name is Trashy and this is my junk yard. This is where I publish some things that have been whizzing around my head on any particular day. I hope you find my posts interesting. If you don't then...well... you may not have got this far so... you don't care. Don't bother taking anything I say too seriously either. I talk mainly shit.

Bye for now.